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New Guide to managed CloudOps Report


Reframing the Role of the CISO

As a leading service delivery partner to Lacework, the table above sums up many of the challenges Defiance Digital has helped technology and cybersecurity leadership overcome in the quickly modernizing businesses we serve.

  • The CISO should not be solely responsible for the cybersecurity of a modern, digital business – the CISO drives risk management strategy. “It takes a village” holds true here!
  • It should be understood that mitigating cyber risk requires all hands on deck, just like it impacts all parties when it’s not properly managed.
  • And, as critical as your cybersecurity strategy and execution are to your business, that strategy can be harnessed as a competitive advantage, enabling faster, more secure development speed. No longer does security have to be thought of as an additional cost driver or compliance burden!

Defiance Digital’s managed security and compliance solution helps organizations realize the benefit of both the right people, and the right security platform – delivered as one. Our advanced monitoring, threat detection, runtime security protection, and audit readiness services turn security headaches into your application’s competitive advantage. Learn more about how we can help your organization reframe these cybersecurity challenges by contacting us.

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