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Defiance Digital Promotes Matthew Bonig, AWS DevTools Hero, to Chief Cloud Architect

Defiance Digital is pleased to announce the promotion of Matthew Bonig, AWS DevTools Hero, to Chief Cloud Architect!

Matthew has been with Defiance Digital since its inception in 2020. As a digital transformation solution provider that specializes in the delivery of cutting edge cloud services, Defiance has valued the depth of technical experience and passion Matthew has shared with the entire delivery team. Serving as one of only nine AWS DevTools Heros in the world, Matthew has taken every opportunity to strengthen the community around him. Some examples: he founded the Open Construct Foundation, he co-hosts AWS’s annual CDK Day, and he recently co-authored and published the CDK Book. It’s in this spirit of continuous learning and innovation that Defiance Digital recognizes Matthew as a true leader, embodying the core principles that we aim to bring to each and every one of our customer interactions.

Please join us in congratulating Matthew on this well-deserved promotion. If you’re interested in working with us, please check out our website at www.defiancedigital.com to learn more.

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