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Defiance Digital Joins Lacework Accelerate Partner Program

Defiance Digital, a next generation Managed Services provider, today announced it has joined the Lacework Accelerate Partner Program as a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP).

Lacework launched its Managed Services Partner Program in the fall of 2020, with a focus on providers with expertise in both cloud security and Managed Security Services. Lacework’s Managed Services Partners have demonstrated a comprehensive cloud security depth and capability to customers of various sizes and across many industries, bringing the unique Lacework platform, technology, resources, and industry expertise to help customers realize their business goals today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Defiance Digital’s Managed Security capabilities, built in and for the cloud, helps ensure a smooth delivery of Lacework, the industry leading cloud security platform, making it easier for customers to securely migrate and manage their digital business.

More often, customers are looking for not only product capabilities, but also people, process, and resources – which are all but impossible to find and maintain considering the rate of innovation and adoption of new cloud services and technologies. Defiance Digital offers a fully Managed Cloud Security solution, designed for customers at any stage of their cloud journey.

“As security threats continue to evolve at an accelerating rate, and cloud security costs continue to rise; customers need a new paradigm to address this growing challenge. Often, organizations are either forced to choose security platforms without sufficient staff to manage them, or the staff is left without the right security platform altogether – severely hindering their ability to detect, respond and recover. We are thrilled to join Lacework Accelerate, and bring the unique capabilities of their platform to our clients through our Managed Security Services. Organizations can now realize the benefit of both the right people, and the right security platform – delivered as one.” said Charlie Gautreaux, Managing Director of Defiance Digital.

“Using Lacework as our platform for managed cloud security for both our customers and our own cloud environments made all the sense in the world. Lacework gives Defiance Digital the scale, flexibility, and speed-to-context in a world where emerging threats are happening every day. It’s not only what Defiance needed, but what our customers demand,” said Mike Privette CISO of Defiance Digital.

“The Lacework Accelerate program is a vibrant partner ecosystem developing meaningful relationships and real advantages for our customers. Our focus is on creating tangible value through the partnerships we establish and we are excited to partner with Defiance Digital as we continue to expand our services partner network,” said Radina Mihaleva, VP of Business Development, Lacework.

About Defiance Digital Defiance Digital is the leading cloud transformation managed services company, founded by Defiance Ventures. Through its advanced managed services offerings, Defiance Digital leverages the latest technologies in Security, Observability, Automation, and Public Cloud to deliver transformation to the enterprise.

To learn more visit DefianceDigital.com and join us for an in-depth webinar on September 1, 2021 to hear directly from experts at Defiance Digital and Lacework.

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